When I first started a blog I wrote that I couldn’t wait for civilisation to end because then we could start building real community again. Whilst I still think the end of civilisation will bring on a re-birth of community in the western world – or at least the opportunity for it, I think it’s bloody nuts to look forward to it.

Not only is the coming storm likely to be dangerous but frankly I’m going to miss civilisation. I’ve managed to extract myself from a lot of civilisation’s tentacles and it’s quite nice being able to enjoy the fun stuff it has to offer without being totally owned by it

We’re raising kids too and just because civilisation makes that hard doesn’t mean getting rid of it will make it any easier. Yes it would be easier to raise kids if we’d never ended up in civilisation but going back is a not going to be easy.

The other thing I set up this blog to do was to chart the formation of some kind of community (I used to say eco-village but that makes me sound like more of a greeny that I really am). It’ s been slow progress – really slow – but stay tuned.


  1. Dear Aaron,

    Hi! My name’s Sess. I threw you an e-mail a bit ago, entitled “New Villages–New Vistas–New Zealand.” (Perhaps I threw it to the wrong e-mail address. I used the one you publicly posted to your older blog.)

    I’m emigrating to Christchurch, New Zealand, today, and would be happy to eventually meet your acquaintance.

    Oh: and a witty new post up at Anthropik, a few days ago. “Blacklisted.” He’s a wee touchy fellow, ain’t he?

    Have a warm uplift to Spring; and take care, Aaron.

    Humbly yours,

  2. Hi Sess, I got a ‘mail-won’t-be-delivered-notifcation.

    I had a quick look at that blacklisted post but did I miss something, was it directed at me?

  3. […] been feeling wary of the crash for some time, some good might come out of it but as I said in my About-page ‘we’d be bloody nuts to look forward to […]

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