EFT and Eyesight

July 19, 2008

Three years ago I was at an Ecoshow talk and the speaker, who was an eco-psychologist of sorts made an aside about how children develop eye problems and start to need glasses at an age when ‘it all becomes too much and the don’t want to see it any more’. The assumption that our children have a hard time in childhood was of course easy for me to handle but I had never heard the idea that eye problems were a symptom of pschological issues.

I think the next reference I saw to this concept was on Ran’s page where he talks about his attempts to regain his eye sight. He refers to the tension in the muscles around the eye that cause the sight problems as being similar Wilhelm Reich’s concept of body armour.

In my last post about EFT I suggested that the concept of body armour and the EFTconcept of trauma being stored in the body’s electrical system were probably closely related and indeed, as Miguel testified in the comments for that posting the proponents of EFT have had some success with improving eye sight.

From the EFT website here is a brief comment from someone who appears to be a Behavioural Optometrist about the connection between emotion and vision.  And here is a quick case study of someone having their eye problems resolved at an emtional level. Note that those unfamiliar with EFT there will be a bit of unfamiliar jargon but that the improvement in sight will be very obvious. It’s also a good example of just how damn quickly EFT can resolve some problems.



  1. I was just reading about the eye segment in Reichian bodywork a few weeks ago in this now free book called Reichian Growth Work. The section on the eye segment (see Chapter 4 and scroll a little) does briefly talk about armouring in relation to eyesight problems.

    I think EFT and Reichian bodywork are working along similar lines in many ways, although Reich would never admit so!

  2. Another contemporary of Freud and Reich was William Bates (1860-1931) who made the concept of chronic tension in the external eye muscles as a cause of eye problem popular (or unpopular with the medical profession). His idea was that by learning good vision habits and performing eye exercises to relax the eye muscles vision could be improved.

    Chronic tension in the eye muscles most likely is a symptom of more systemic tension throughout the body. Learning to relax systemically, including the face and eye muscles, is a key to vision improvement.

    Natural vision instructors often use variations of Bates’ methods to help improve eyesight. I have recovered over 20 years of deteriorating eyesight and am still improving.

    I think my first experience with glasses in grade school was a way of putting on the tension of “body armour” to guard against unpleasant life situations. So learning to relax and striving for emotional freedom is now a lifelong practice.

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