Emotional Freedom Therapy

July 16, 2008

Having spent a fair amount of time on this blog cataloguing the various ills of civilisation and speculating on the cause and the perpetuation of our collective sickness I was quite excited to discover something that has the potential to quite easily undo some of our internal damage.

The previous post about James De Meo’s theories on the origins of civilisation also mentioned Wilhelm Reich’s theory of body armouring. Essentially a theory of how the trauma of our childhood is stored in the body, Reich and his followers have gone on to find ways to physically release this tension from the body through forms of massage. I had heard about Emotional Freedom Therapy before but I finally got around to investigating it a few months back and it reminded me a bit of armouring because central to it’s operation is the idea that trauma is stored in the body’s electrical system – which in turn effects physical aspects of the body.

Using the same theory of energy meridians that Acupuncturists use Gary Craig, the main promoter and developer of the Therapy claims to be able to relieve emotional trauma (and chronic health issues), easily and painlessly – often in a matter of minutes.

I know, it sounds far too good to be true. At the main EFT website there are plenty of case studies and videos for those who want to read more and there is also a section looking at conventional scientific research into the body’s energy system. As far as I can tell it all seems to stack up but by all means you be the judge.

I have of course tried it and have found that it seems to be successful for me at releiveing head aches and other body aches but that I have had a lot more trouble releasing older and deeper traumas. I think that I have a pretty complex and thorough defence system, when I try to work on any old issues I notice that my breathing gets tighter and it becomes incredibly hard to focus on the issue at hand – my brain seems to be doing it’s utmost to think about anything else. Most likely I need to sit down with an experienced practitioner to find away around this.

One thing that is unusual about it is that when you release a headache it disappears so thoroughly that you feel like you never had it. Unlike when I rub my neck or upper back and can feel the tension being released EFT makes things disappear so thoroughly that it’s like they never existed. I wrote in a previous piece about how I often get breathing difficulties when stressed or tired because my intercostal (between ribs) muscles get too tense. Well the other day I suddenly realised that it hadn’t happened for quite a few weeks and that I must have got rid of it through EFT. (It had come back lately because I had a heavy cold and my breathing was feeling pretty impaired – and it has also come back (lightly) right now while I’m typing which show’s just how much of a psychological issue it is).

Anyway, where I’m going with this is that as well as healing psychological issues that people can easily recall a few people have tried healing issues from very early in life and I’m wondering if using a book like the Continuum Concept as a kind of guide we could look further back and deal with issues from our birth process as well as those developed in the womb where the mother’s potential mixed feelings about her pregnancy can impact heavily on the unborn child.

We can see in our family that our oldest child has clearly inherited a few things from her Mum and I suspect that the 9 months living fully enveloped in the mother’s electrical system may be a way that traumas are sort of ‘built-in’ to every baby. So far I haven’t found anyone else who has made this connection but having read constantly about the difference between civilised and non-civilised people it seems fairly reasonable that something like this is going on.

So from there my speculation has extended to the idea that the complex web of issues that civilisation creates in all of us can theoretically be totally removed from our system – if we were able to work out exactly what to ask the body for. This is all theory though, in practice I still have a long way to go but am intrigued by the possibilities that EFT presents for merely beginning work on my own life.

If anyone reading this has already tried EFT I would love to hear from you, I don’t know anyone personally who has had experience with EFT and even someone on-line would be an advance to reading about complete strangers at the EFT website.



  1. i read in the news letter that eft can improve vision in about 70% of cases. i tried it several times a week for about a month. then i received notice for my perodic eye exam. the doctor was surprised that both my eyes had improved..my worst eye the most.mg

  2. I haven’t got around to actually using it properly although my inbox is full of EFT newsletters from Gary Craig; I know Dan Bartlett was messing around with it a few months ago, you might try him.

  3. Miguel, that’s great to hear – let us know if you have further sucess. And once again that’s the exact subject I was going to post on next!

    Cheeba, Last time I checked in with Dan he’d had a look at it but hadn’t taken it very far. I think he said he noticed a little bit of change in the issues he was working on, – He may turn up here and correct/update me on that however.

  4. […] body’s electrical system were probably closely related and indeed, as Miguel testified in the comments for that posting the proponents of EFT have had some success with improving eye […]

  5. Yeah I had one or two tapping sessions, printed off the free manual and then just moved on to other stuff. I got some nice “releases” from the tapping I did do, and I still think it has a lot of potential, but I just haven’t got round to taking it further yet.

    When I relaunch my site I’m going to be doing a lot more writing (and experimenting) on all these different healing approaches. I have a Reichian therapist and a re-birther in my city. At the moment I’m considering taking sessions with both, reviewing them and so on. Freed from the reins of my book (more on that later), I also have some new writings on the universal transformation process that underlies many forms of western therapy, and eastern yoga/spirituality etc.

    I found this site a while ago: Trauma & Civilization. It’s quite some work! I think it was a thesis this guy had to write, but it’s almost book length and delves deep into Reichian influenced body psychology in relation to civilised child-“rearing” and trauma. Similar to DeMeo’s work by the looks of it. I haven’t had time to read it all yet.

  6. You should read L. Ron Hubbard’s book titled Dianetics. He has quite a bit to describe about his concept called “engrams” which dovetails very well with the EFT and Wilhelm Reich. Not advocating Scientology here. But Hubbard was “on to something” with his research….

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