THC kills cancer cells

April 24, 2008

The SETH group (Scientists Exploring Truth in Healing) are researching alternative cures for cancer – they seem to have a bit of trouble getting funding (imagine my surprise) but they are making some headway.

Using the same tests used to judge new chemotherapies, the SETH team discovered that this herbal compound kills human brain tumor cells at a concentration that is nontoxic to normal brain cells. A computerized microscope captured images of the cells every 5 minutes to compile the time-lapse videos. After 20 hours of treatment, Δ9-THC kills all cancer cells but leaves normal brain cells alive. Cell death is evidenced by cells shrinking to inanimate white spheres.

Here’s the link to their time lapse video.



  1. VERY COOL! WHY ARENT WE FUNDING THIS??? I see article after article proving these findings yet we dont hear about it anywhere?

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