The Joy of Crash

February 11, 2008

UPDATE: Ran’s added an email comment from me about faith in politicians:

As someone from the outside I’m always amazed at how much faith US citizens put in their politicians. I mean there appear to be scores on the internet who genuinely believe that Ron Paul is going to make everything all better. I’ve yet to meet anyone in New Zealand who feels that way about any of our politicians — even though they are genuinely more representative of the people.

Just in case anyone has got the wrong idea I should point out that New Zealand is no political nirvana. True, we have proportional representation and a Green Party in parliament but we have also been screwed over by our political system in pretty fundamental ways. Really, I think that rating a political system for how well it serves the people is a bit like rating an ocean for how dry it is.


Great comments from Ran today:

The closer America gets to economic collapse, the more I sense viscerally that hard collapse and violent revolution would totally suck. And I think the critique of civilization begins to work against us when we move from thinking to action, because it’s too black and white. Of course, eventually, we must evolve stable societies built on autonomous action, but I think that’s going to take us thousands of years, and in the meantime, we’re going to continue to have large complex societies muddling around and making mistakes.

I’ve been feeling wary of the crash for some time, some good might come out of it but as I said in my About-page ‘we’d be bloody nuts to look forward to it’.

Frankly I’m finding family life tough enough, heaven only knows how we’ll cope with a serious crisis.


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