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Civilization! – *Some Restrictions Apply

January 23, 2008

Tired of primitive living? – why not try civilisation!

Just watch this 3-minute promotional video to see what we have to offer.


The comedy disguise

January 14, 2008

I don’t know how long this sort of thing will last but besides the Daily Show and a couple of New Zealand shows that none of you will have heard of, Rugged Indoorsman has a video of a discussion about Iraq’s oil presented as comedy. Read the text first and see how it just looks like really good journalism and then watch the clip and see how that text is turned into comedy in order to get it under the radar of TV programmers.

I’m sure there is more stuff akin to this buried in late night British TV, by all means, let me know.


Blood and Gore

January 12, 2008

A while ago I posted a question on Cryptogon wondering exactly what Al Gore was up to with his Inconvenient Truth carry-on. A lot of people in the environmental movement have been very encouraged by the fact that an ex-vice president has seen the light on an environmental issue but I wondered aloud what it really meant when a member of the elite swings in behind an issue like global warming – especially when he’s getting plenty of publicity in the mainstream media.

Today Ran posted a link to an article by Richard Moore that goes a long way to answering the question. Essentially the article is saying that Gore’s agenda is to enable those in the developed world* to continue our high-energy lifestyle a little bit longer. This will be done via bio-fuels and increased resource extraction from the third world – along with increased starvation for those third world populations.

This seems eminently plausible to me. He also suggests that it is also a chance for the elite to begin global population reduction (via starvation). This feels like something I don’t want to believe in but logically if you have an elite who view most of us as sheeple and arrogantly believe that they have the right to manage the planet then it makes sense that they will use population reduction to ease the burden on the environment while still maintaining the global economic system as their power base.

The article is well recommended but I also suggest reading Ran’s commentary about the Master Narrative to go with it. Essentially:

…I’ve never bought the Master Narrative, that the secret rulers are omnipotent, that whatever happened in the past or will happen in the future, it’s exactly what ‘they’ planned.

If you look at history, you don’t see a master plan — you see a mess! The plans of the most powerful people in the world repeatedly come to ruin. Enormous plot twists come out of nowhere.

Something I’ve referred to elsewhere is the sense of powerlessness that comes from believing the Master Narrative. Whilst it’s true that the elite have their plans (and that they can manipulate activists for their own end as with global warming) it’s still true that normal people have some power.

Naturally they want to give the impression that we don’t have any power but throughout Europe and Australia and New Zealand the battle against GE has so far been largely successful because of the efforts of a lot of unimportant people. Of course the key phrase there is ‘a lot of people’. From personal experience I know that the GE fight in New Zealand is really between normal people and the likes of Monsanto with the government dancing around in between us trying to pretend it is in charge.

I don’t want to disappear off into some kind of ‘we have the power’ call-to-arms thing because that always leads to disillusionment but I will insist that if we’re smart and persistent we can still make some kind of difference in our own lives.
*The article refers to the developed world as the ‘North’, but since I live in a developed country in the southern hemisphere I’m going to stick with ‘developed world’. It has the twin benefits of being more accurate and messing with my head less.