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September 22, 2007

I’m always interested in people’s personal stories. I often think they’re of more use than all the collected wisdom that us bloggers see fit to dispense. I’d love to see some kind of collection of these things but in the meantime here’s a few:

Dan’s story, John Brady’s story, Rix’s (not yet finished) story and how Urban Scout came into existence.

In other links: from Just Folks this article about Socialisation in Schools

I can’t believe I am writing an article about socialization, The word makes my skin crawl. As homeschoolers, we are often accosted by people who assume that since we’re homeschooling, our kids won’t be “socialized.” The word has become such a catch phrase that it has entirely lost any meaning. The first time I heard the word, I was attending a Catholic day school as a first grader. Having been a “reader” for almost 2 years, I found the phonics and reading lessons to be incredibly boring. Luckily the girl behind me felt the same way, and when we were done with our silly little worksheets, we would chat back and forth. I’ve never known two 6 yr olds who could maintain a quiet conversation, so naturally a ruler-carrying nun interrupted us with a few strong raps on our desk. We were both asked to stay in at recess, and sit quietly in our desks for the entire 25 minutes, because “We are not here to socialize, young ladies.” Those words were repeated over and over throughout my education, by just about every teacher I’ve ever had.

And for the few people who saw a posting here called J2 and are wondering what happened to it, I’m feeling very harrassed at the moment and it quickly became apparent that that posting wasn’t helping. Hopefully this small note will not cause me any problems.

Lastly, The Plan from Comrade Simba outlining his survival strategies for varying degrees of crashness – notable for it’s succinctness plus the introduction to the english language of the word ‘bazzooness’.

Even more lastly from Ted some Suburban Surivival advice on how to be homeless without looking like you are. Part1, Part2



  1. Do you give out your e-mail? I wanted to e-mail you?

  2. Thanks for posting these links. I think that stories offer a value that dispensed info can’t match. Stories have layers. They communicate on multiple levels.

  3. My email is utr (thing) raglan dot net dot nz

  4. i’m glad people benefitted from reading my story. i am just writing up another section about the last year of my life since i wrote that original story because it’s been an important year.

    i’m enjoying your new posts and your sleek looking blog! take care, Dan

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