September 11, 2007

Welcome to the new Villageblog site. The old one had too many problems for me to ever get around to fixing; the search engine text was impossible to read, reading the main text for long periods of time did crazy stuff to your eyes, the html kept showing up on Microsoft Explorer and the site stats were shot to hell from all the unwanted referrals I seemed to be getting from dogsex.com and similar sites.

There’s a few things different here, I’ve got a Read It Again section for the articles I like and an expanded links list. It also has a groovy new picture at the top. The old site always had that picture of me and a friend leaping in the air which suited the colour-scheme but wasn’t very villagey I thought.

The new one isn’t quite what I wanted either but it’s a part of an atoll called Nukunonu, which is part of Tokelau, a former protectorate of New Zealand. We lived on a permanent circuit between Samoa and Tokelau for two years around the time I was thirteen. I went to Google Earth to get an aerial shot of one of the villages we lived in but they managed to ‘miss’ getting a detailed shot of the area where the village was. Here’s a picture of the entire atoll.


The village is to the bottom-left of the faint line running down the page (the edge of google’s close-up area) It had about 300 people living in it I think. The highest point on the atoll is about 5 metres above sea level and there are about 5.5 sq km of land strung around the lagoon. It is situated 500km or about 1.5 days away by ship from Samoa – which is the only way to in or out, other than by parachute .

We were the only white family living there at the time, although we still seemed to be the dominant culture. I had very blond hair at that age and the small children used to come up to me and touch my head to see if it was real. Electricity was delivered by a noisy diesel powered generator which was on for about half the day and the only way we could leave was to wait for the ship which came from Samoa about every 6 weeks but was often several weeks late.

Anyway, this is the closest I’ve come to village living so I thought it was appropriate to put the picture up, plus atolls look quite groovy.

Hope you all enjoy the new high-performance villageblog.

UPDATE: Welcome back to the people who haven’t been able to access the blog. I had no idea this was happening until Ran told me – it’s just pure luck that I chose this moment to shift sites.



  1. Good move, moving to WordPress. I use it and I like it a lot.

  2. AAron,

    I love the new layout! That island looks cool as hell!

    What is this about picking a fight? link?

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