Armegeddon and all that stuff

August 14, 2007

Just read this excellent article from Information Clearning House by Carolyn Baker. I’ve read a lot of intelligent and scathing articles about the corruption of America by a guy called Mike Whitney at ICH but this, if anything, is better. For people who don’t read Cryptogon or similar sites this article will give you a nice summary of where things are with the US economic system.Carolyn Baker talks a lot about the corruption of the system and mentions the law changes that are going to be used to control the population, I just wish I could find someone in New Zealand who was making a similar conmmentary for us down here.

I think I’m going to have to resurrect my old radio show so I can have an excuse to interview people like Carolyn Baker.

Stop Press. No I won’t. I just went to her website and saw that she already does radio.

Anyway, here’s a wee quote:

It is crucial to understand that the current economic meltdown is a transfer of wealth from the middle and lower classes to the ruling elite. Wealth transfers do not just happen, nor are they the products of incompetency. They are intentional and well-planned. Central to wealth transfer is corruption at the highest levels of the economic and political systems


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