Holographic Universe

August 13, 2007

This is more Ran’s territory than mine but here, via Free Range Organic Human is a fascinating article about how the universe is a hologram.


The article has a myriad of links and upon following one of them  I discovered that it had a New Zealand based domain. Out of curiosity I went to the homepage and discovered this Indigenous Weather Modification site. Until the advent of the internet there really was nothing else that could deliver this degree of ‘unusualness’ to my life. 

The operator of the site claims to be able to modify the weather using unspecified techniques that seem to be based on traditional Maori knowledge. It would also seem that the universe-as-hologram theory could be used to understand how it might work. 

Delving further into the site I discovered something that had a fantastic only-in-New Zealand quality to it: 

A Maori Sovereignty group had wanted to fly the Maori Independence flag on the Auckland Harbour Bridge on Waitangi day, New Zealand’s National day. The body that overseas the bridge, Transit New Zealand, had refused permission and upset a great number of Maori including the person running this website. 

Shortly after this hit the headlines Transit New Zealand received an email from John Porter, weather modification consultant, telling them that he was going to teach them a lesson to the tune of $100 million dollars of weather related damage to New Zealand roads. 

I can only guess at the reaction of the staff of Transit New Zealand at the arrival of this email – or at their reaction at the arrival of subsequent emails toting up the costs after every piece of bad weather we’ve had this winter. 

I know this isn’t usual Village Blog fare and I can’t verify any of it except that the storms did in fact happen but I just love a good story. 


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