August 12, 2007

I’m feeling really frustrated at the level of paranoia that exists around these parts at the moment. Sure there is plenty of commentary about the technical issues surrounding the money markets, peak oil and the machinations of power but when these technical experts start trying to predict the human response to these technical situations they unknowingly step into an area where I think they are out of their depth. They seem to be quite unaware that their thinking  has been colonised by the Mad Max ‘scenario’ that the elites regularly feed us through the media. I talked about community v Mad Max in a previous post but now I want to deal with this damn paranoia thing.

This has been triggered by Ted’s post on the issue but it is just the tip of the iceberg for me. 

The first thing I want to deal with is the idea of agent provocateurs. I’ve got a rough list of people I’ve seen mentioned in this context. Before I get into this though I want to say up front how appalled I am at the lack of judgement people seem to bring to this problem – relying instead on a kind of personalised suspicion to decide who to trust. I really want people to talk less about who the source a particular piece of news is and instead discuss the power of the facts and the argument they present. Naturally this is harder and involves reading more widely and building up our map of the world but if we hadn’t been dumbed down at school this is precisely what we would do without beign conscious of it. 

Noam Chomsky. I’ve seen people say he is a CIA asset because of his position on the JFK thing. Whilst anything is possible in this world I find it hard to believe that anyone could fake the kind of analysis he brings to his writings. He’s the best there is in his area. I think we need to accept the role that human emotion plays in the lives of these people (of course to do that we have to first accept the role it plays in the decisions we make, but that’s another posting). 

Chomsky is able to obliterate the US government’s stated reasons for it’s foreign policy by using it’s own documents. What he does is impossible to argue with if you’ve got an open mind – Impossible. I think he’s comfortable doing what he does, he’s carved out a particular niche for himself and doesn’t see the point in straying into vaguer territory – and he basically says as much. 

Besides, if he was a CIA asset he’s not doing a very good job because it was a Chomsky book that got me started on my move away from the mainstream. He’s a great gateway radical. 

Amy Goodman and Greg Palast: Yes they have their limits too, they come from a traditional journalistic background and they probably just can’t handle the idea that 9-11 was an inside job (this is a problem for the vast majority of the population). They also hang out with other journalists, especially Palast with his BBC connections, and no doubt have the very human urge to want to be liked and fit in with their crowd. It takes a bloody-minded bastard like John Pilger to be the sort of journalist we’re looking for. 

All that aside though, if mainstream journalists were like Palast and Goodman the world would be a profoundly different place. 

Michael Moore:  Basically Michael Moore is positioned where the Democratic Party is supposed to be, its entirely possible that he provides a boundary to what is considered acceptable leftism but on the other hand he has bought a few issues out into the open in a way that is accessible for a lot of ‘normal’ people and that’s nothing that anyone else I can think of has achieved. 

He’s another gateway too, his website has links to more radical sites and he’ll set a lot of people off down a path of radicalism before he’s done. 

Derrick Jensen: This suggestion was part of the discussion at Free Range Organic Human on the basis that Derrick does promotes the idea of destroying civilisation and that this would play directly into the hands of the elites. I can just see it now; “It’s not just swarthy men you have to look out for. Now the terrorists look like us. They could be your neighbour, or your friend, or the person behind the counter at the supermarket. You better look out!”. 

That’s exactly where the PTB want to take us but Derrick is very real. Like Chomsky the power of his analysis is just too good to be conjured up. Reading A language Older than Words shifted my thinking in the same way my first Chomsky book did. 

Having said that though, I see no reason why the PTB wouldn’t promote Derrick’s books, even without his knowledge, because a bunch of anarchists bombing cell phone towers and dams has got to be one of their ultimate dreams. 

Daily Kos: OK this guy is pure CIA, no doubt about it  

Gloria Steinem:  Sorry folks, it looks like the CIA funded Ms Magazine. I found it  hard to choose between the  jesus-is-saviour link or the save-the-males link but choose the ‘males’ one in the end. There’s a bit of ranting about feminists destroying society but follow their links to their source documents if you want. It certainly does tie in with this astounding interview with Aaron Russo where he said the Rockefellers promoted feminism to help break up the family and make children dependant on the state from an early age.

Now here’s the catch, none of these people need to be CIA assets for this whole thing to work. I just wasted a bunch of time researching and writing this post to try to deal with the paranoia that’s out there, while other people are getting into arguments about it or are just plain confused about who they can trust. All an agent provocateur needs to do is seed a little doubt about various people and they very quickly get us all running around in circles like a bunch of headless chooks. 

We shouldn’t forget that going to school made us  think we need an authoritative voice to trust so it’s important to rebel by ignoring the personalities and developing our own judgement on these issues. 


The suggestion that Greg Palast was an agent provocateur came from some people commenting at Cryptogon (including Matt Savinar) and Matt turned up again, quoted by Sharon (link see comment 22), in a discussion about  a proposed general strike in the US: 

“I think most Americans may also be too frightened. I emailed the guy who hosts lifeaftertheoilcrash.com, and he emailed back that participation in a general strike would end with me being tortured and raped in an internment camp.” 

I have to say I don’t know what else was in the email but the above advice is not very good. Matt Savinar has a great deal of technical expertise but not a lot of understanding of human nature. 

Derrick Jensen has written that the Jews in Warsaw who actively opposed the Nazis had a better survival rate than those who kept quiet. He emphasises this a lot for obvious reasons and it’s something people in the US might do well to remember. 

Aside from that though, a proper general strike would involve way too many people for the PTB to deal with. They might assassinate an organiser but getting everyone who strikes would be an impossibility. The PTB know this which is why they have schools and Television to keep everyone apathetic and afraid. 

I’m starting to think that if anyone is an agent provocateur it’s Matt Savinar, the paranoia seeping out of LATOC is palpable and as I’ve said before one of my major fears about post crash culture will be the peak oil survivalists. I want to know where they are going to be so I can go somewhere else. Matt won’t tell anyone where he is and may well move again I hear. I don’t think there’s much more we can learn from someone who hasn’t the good sense to build a community around him. 

Please note I’m not actually saying he IS a provocateur, I can’t prove that and he’s probably just a graduate of an American childhood of schooling and television. What I am saying though is his advice needs augmenting by reading some Derrick Jensen or Ran Prieur.


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