Teeth 2 (the return of the teeth)

August 2, 2007

After my recent five-filling marathon at the dentist I decided that whatever modern dentistry had to offer, it wasn’t enough for me. I followed some of the links Ran posted after his recent visit to a dentist and here’s what I have learned. Some of this is from a retired chemist at this site. I include the link because it wasn’t directly included in Ran’s selection. In order to really review his ideas I would need to read his book which I haven’t done but I do think there is a lot of merit in listening to people from other fields.1. It’s not bacteria that eat into our teeth, it’s acid. It is often however the bacteria that produce the acid (by fermenting glucose) when they consume the food we put in our mouth. Apparently this is basic chemistry:  The proton on the acid pulls the phosphate out of the enamel and fast, if you sip water is reacts with the acid to form a hydronium ion and saves the enamel.

2. Some food are naturally acidic, like citrus fruit and tomatoes. This makes sense to me, sometimes after drinking orange juice it actually feels like a layer has been stripped from my teeth.

3. The acid does it’s stuff for only a short period which is why dentists say not to eat between meals, so that your teeth are free of acid for long periods of the day – if only they could have explained why.

4. Rinsing your mouth with water or milk or coffee neutralises the acid immediately so have a drink to sip while you eat. Note; I tried this and it does leave a weird taste if you’ve just had something like citrus fruit to eat.

5. Sugars have large molecules so they only eat into teeth slowly. Wash the sugar off by all means but don’t panic about it. Also fruit sugars are more complex than refined sugars.

6.  Enamel is made of Calcium and Phosphate and it can rebuild if we are consuming enough of those minerals – which we currently do not – and I clearly am not.

7. Taking calcium pills and monosodium phosphate pills is one way of strengthening your teeth. Presumably there are foods that will do the same so I’m open to suggestions. Perhaps permaculturists can help us make sure we have the right minerals in the soil to ensure healthy teeth.

8. Vitamin D delivers calcium to the site – so go out and sunbathe! Actually the guy suggested more pills.

9. Brush your teeth with regular bar soap!  Sounds gross I know but this guy insists it’s a good idea. He says soap is anti bacterial and only takes 2 rinses to wash off. On the other hand normal toothpaste leaves glycerine on your teeth, because it takes 20 rinses to get off, and will prevent re-enamalisation from taking place,   Someone on a forum suggested tooth soap which I had never heard of but it might be a more palatable option. Just check the ingrediants first. My 2 year old has experimented with brushing with soap but I have to admit to feeling strangely reluctant.

10. Avoid flouride, it’s a heavily negative chemical (visit the site for a slightly lengthier explanation).

11. My teeth still feel funny after my visit to the dentist and it’s been a week

Ran’s latest posting on this subject has a couple more links one of which confirms some of this and also adds:

12. Don’t brush straight after eating because the enamel will be soft and you’ll brush some of it away.

It’s ridiculous that I knew none of this information before I started looking. I’m going to try it out (not sure about the soap though) and see how it goes. I could hardly do any worse. If you want to add to this or argue please feel free, I’m keen to learn more.



  1. What an enlightening article. My only comment would be to substitute an Isotonic Calcium for calcium pils/tablets. Calcium – undisolved – can cause its own problems in the body. Iso – same tonic – pressure. Our Calcium plus has 95% absorption rate in 5 – 10 minutes. This is fine powder that is mixed with the correct amount (2ozs) of water and taken on an empty stomach.
    I would be happy to answer any questions if you email me.

    Julie Jarrett
    Unfranchise Owner

  2. Is there a follow on from teeth the film lol. Im just trying 2 find out lol

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