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June 24, 2007

How’s this; this blog has Village in it’s title because it’s supposed to be about starting up a village but instead of any postings about how that might be happening it’s mostly been about coping with not being in a village. And most of that  stuff has been about coping with not living in a village while we raise our children.I’ve recently come to the conclusion that at this stage of our lives we just don’t have the energy to do something like starting an ecovillage – even if it would be a better place for us in the long run. Taking on non-coecive parenting in a world that has no time for it and no models of how you might do it seems to be even harder than the usual nuclear family situation that most people are struggling with (probably because we don’t really know what we’re doing!)

At the moment (as previously mentioned) we’d just like to be able to find families doing homeschooling so that our five year old has someone to play with, and my most ambitious dream is to do something farmlet style with one other homeschooling family either on the same piece of land or right next door.

Even that is looking quite difficult to acheive though, there’s only a couple of families that we know who would be candidates, only one of them is up here in Northland where we’re looking at property and they aren’t in a position to do anything about it right now for financial reasons.

So we’re contemplating starting something by ourselves and getting people on later but we may not have enough money to do that and stay debt free. Plus I am discovering that I can’t stand being isolated.

While Karen could live in the middle of the wops with no one else visible I find that I prefer to be in a busier setting. I don’t mean a city though, just a small place like Raglan (pop 3000) where we have been for the last couple of years. Failing that though I could probably handle living in a rural area if there were plenty of people going by and I could see a number of farms down a valley. I really am very civilised:-)

I also have a real hankering to be able to see the sea but even in the far north of New Zealand we may not be able to afford that. In fact the problem is that most people in New Zealand live near the coast and it is that land that has really skyrocketed in price in the last few years.

There is also the issue of post crash security to think about.  I heard a story last night of a cow being butchered on a farm in the dead of the night nera here, with only the intestines left in the field for the farmer to find the next day. If that’s already happening then there will be good cause to be hidden away in the coming years. How people will cope around here will be partially dependant on the speed of the crash but really it’s crystal ball gazing and I don’t want to have to bet the house on what will happen.

So, since I have no one to bounce ideas of in my physical world I thought I’d ask you guys in my virutal community (what an apalling phrase) what your thoughts are and what you are doing or trying to do about this issue? And if there are any Kiwis reading at the moment I’d especially be interested to hear from you.


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  1. t least you’re aware that this version of civilisation has peaked and things can only get better (depending on your outlook). I’m starting to wonder though if NZs clean green image is entirely deserved. I thinks it’s more to do with lack of people than anything else after residing in Auckland for the last 6 months only to realise that Kiwis love their cars and big screen televisions (all the better for watching ‘Team NZ’ – yeah right.) That lack of people can also be an issue when folk such as yourself wish to set up a homeschooling community.

    Can you afford non-coastal land in Northland? Why not keep the house bus and find some where to park it up north. Tell me where you live and I’ll move in next door with my partner (who wants to start breeding soon).

    Posted by: steve | 06/27/2007

    We’ve got to sell the house bus for two reasons; The first is that we need the cash for what we do next and the second is that it is too small (6.5m long) for wintering over.

    Have you come to Auck from overseas? sounds like you’ve cottoned onto our dirty secret about the clean green thing. Most europeans (don’t know if you’re one) are scandalised about what they discover after they have been here a while.

    Currently we don’t know what the hell we’re doing but we could all do a lot worse than the Peria region (just in from the coast in Doubtless Bay)- it would be a good place to be with the high number of permaculturists lurking in the area.

    With what we can afford – basically, the more remote we go, the easier the properties are to afford and the less I want to be there :-). We can certainly afford to do something but whether I’ll be happy with it is the question. What about yourself?

    Posted by: Aaron | 06/27/2007

    Actually, I’m a Kiwi but spent the last 8 years or so in Australia and only flew to NZ in order to attend a wedding. Long story …met girl at wedding decided to settle back in NZ. The traffic and resulting pollution in Auckland is driving me crazy. And not because I’m driving, since I walk or cycle everywhere.

    So we don’t know what we’re doing either but the sooner we’re out of Auckland the better. Thanks for the information on the Peria region – that certainly is remote.

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