For Sale: Used House Bus

June 13, 2007

Yes we’re back from our summer road trip, we ended up taking 3 months longer than we originally planned because it seemed a bit crazy to screw up the whole experience by rushing everywhere. By the end though the strength of the cold and the rain meant we were looking forward to settling down again.Actually we’ve been back a week and a half but the whole adjustment process has been far too weird for me to think about posting anything here right away. For the first 48 hours, every time (and I do mean every time) I thought of the bus I got a big emotional hit with a feeling in my chest that I can’t describe. It wasn’t nostalgia or anything else I recognise. Of course I’m not that great at feelings but really that just makes it all the more significant. I’m guessing the change in lifestyle must be pretty significant.

One thing we’ve really noticed is how much time can be wasted living in a big house (bigger than a bus anyway) simply keeping the whole thing operating and just shuffling our material assets around.

I was going to call this post Last of the Summer Wine because I realised during the trip that this was probably one of our last chances to enjoy the travel aspect of living in civilisation. Never again will we be able to pack the facilities of a house into a self propelled carriage and move it up and down the countryside at will like this and I’m glad I had the chance to explore New Zealand before the opportunity dissapears.

For those who aren’t aware New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful country and many’s the night we would park up next to a beach (or on it) with a stunning piece of scenery waiting outside our window for the morning sun to bring it to life. I’m glad I did it.

The weirdness is set to continue though, I have no strong idea about how I am going to make a living and even where we we are going to live right now so – I’m feeling anything but settled but I’ll save that for another post.

In the meantime can anyone tell me what happened to Casemeau? I’m going to miss not having his blog around.


One comment

  1. I’ve wondered where Casemeau went for months, but no one seems to have even mentioned it or questioned the fact that his blog simply up and disappeared one day. If he’s contacted anyone or told anyone where he went, they haven’t said anything about it to me at least. I’ve never seen a more complete poof from existence.

    Posted by: Devin | 06/15/2007

    I had a couple people e-mail or post on my blog wondering where casemeau went. I’m quite concerned because even if he deleted his blog, he still used to comment on other’s blogs, and that has stopped as well.

    At one point, I remembered his real name, which had mentioned in a post, so I did a search on his name and Flagstaff to see if anything popped up. Nothing did, but I’ve since forgotten his name, so I can’t do another search.

    Posted by: Marcy | 06/16/2007

    Come on bro, the opportunity to explore NZ will never disappear. Of course riding a fully loaded bike over a disused (by cars) road from the old Hamiltron town to Raglan wont be easy.

    Posted by: steve | 06/17/2007

    Steve – you forgot to add about having 2 kids strapped to my back – I’m sure the divvy would be a breeze.

    btw Am I to assume from your spelling of Hamilton that you live in that might metroplis?

    Posted by: Aaron | 06/17/2007

    I did spend some time there last century (1996-1998). Did you make it up to the top of the south island around Takaka etc? I’m thinking that would be a nice place to bring up a family.

    Posted by: steve | 06/18/2007

    Takaka is a nice place but feels too remote for me with that huge hill to climb to get there – it’s bound to have snow on it at the moment. Then again, remote could have it’s advantages.

    Posted by: Aaron | 06/21/2007

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