Spirits Bay

January 6, 2007


This is Spirits Bay where we’ve just been for about 4 days. It’s at the absolute northern tip of New Zealand and very isolated. The most substantial building was the toilet block near our camp site. It’s the sort of place where you quickly forget what day of the week it is.


We lived on a mixture of food we bought with us and the fish that my friend Doug was catching by surfcasting off the beach. It’s a shame we had to come back to civilisation, in a country of beautiful beaches this place stands out as being exceptionally beautiful – and one of the few unspoilt areas of the north island.


One comment

  1. Man… sign me up.

    Posted by: Frank Black | 01/07/2007

    Yeah, I’m with Frank. I could always rename my blog to Living In A Van Down By The Ocean…

    Posted by: casemeau | 01/07/2007

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