dropping out and going home

December 19, 2006

Devin left this comment at Frank Blacks:”All I really want, in the deepest sense, is to be loved and appreciated for who I really am. I don’t want to be lonely. All I really want is to go home.

All I really want is to go home.”

That resonates with me so much it gave me goosebumps. That phrase; all I want to do is go home’ pretty much sums up everything I do, not just on this blog but EVERYTHING.

Except there isn’t a home for me to go to, I’m probably going to have to make one.


I’m amazed at how sophisticated this dropout discussion has become since it was started almost accidentally by Casemeau.

For a while I’ve been wondering about gathering together people’s droping out stories. They can (and should) range from people who’ve gone as far as leaving their country to office workers who haven’t made a move but have had their head turned upside down by reading something inspiring.

This blog is not the place to do it really, Ran and/or Dan have more control over their sites than I do but maybe an independant site would work too, I don’t know.

The idea first came when Casemeau wrote his dropping out story, there’s something illuminating about a person’s personal experience that no end of advice-giving can duplicate and I find I’m really fascinated by it.

Maybe I should just invite people to send in their stories, I’m scared of starting anything like a project right now, or making a ‘thing’ out of it, but what do people think – good idea or bad?


One comment

  1. There is something edifying in hearing how others have dealt with change, adversity and struggle. It gives us hope. I love to hear stories of how others have transcended this mess we call civilization. I am new to this, so I find the stories quite inspiring. I agree, you should compile them.

    Posted by: Frank Black | 12/20/2006

    That quote does say it all, it’s amazing. It’s all anyone wants. You
    know, that’s it, that’s what this is all about. I can’t stand people
    who claim optimists like me are looking for something impossible, that
    we’re just naturally a bunch of abusive cunts who won’t change.

    What does is it mean to look for a loving home and environment, and be
    told that it won’t happen, that it’s not normal anymore? Arrgh.

    I think that drop-out story site would be a great idea, I’d consider
    putting it as a seperate part under my webspace and domain if that’s
    what was decided. It’s the little details that would either make it
    really popular, or crash hard. I can see it being a great resource
    with a little fore-thought and planning.

    Posted by: Dan | 12/20/2006

    Probably it needs to be as decentralised as possible, I’d love it if everyone who has a blog posted their story on their blog the way Casemeau has. I’m planning to wrote something up about myself soon and I’ll post up any reader’s story that they care to send. I might create a new category for it along the way.

    If people do things like that and then Dan, all you would need to do is post links up on your page. I’d probably have a link back to that page somewhere on here too.

    Mostly I’m just curious to hear other people’s stories – and to gain courage from them too. I’m wary of creating some kind of institution or trying to force it along. If people are keen that’s good but if there’s no momentum that’s fine too.

    I’ve just remembered that there is a section in Ran’s forum about dropping out too.


    Just a general note. Dan had trouble posting a comment and emailed it to me to put up. At first I couldn’t make it happen either so I put in a different email address and no linking website and it worked. Obviously I am having no trouble posting using my name and neither did Frank.

    I can only guess at why this might be but if anyone else is having this problem I suggest you try something similar to what I did with Dan’s comment

    Posted by: Aaron | 12/20/2006

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