December 16, 2006


We’re doing our bit to hasten the arrival of peak oil by driving this, a Bedford 12DZ3, round the country over summer. The plan is to catch up with old friends, and see the country before it becomes too expensive to do this sort of thing, plus out lives are at one of those cusp moments where we’re not tied down by obligations so it’s a perfect time for us.

I had meant to make a posting about it before we left but ran out of time with the usual mad rush to get everything ready that always seems to happen at times like this. We’re currently up north on Karen’s parent’s farm for the holiday period and we’ll head south again once everyone is back at work and the holiday spots have empied out a bit.

We’ll have sporadic internet access (same email address) so I might manage a few posts but we’ll see how it pans out.



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