Insane in the Brain

September 19, 2006

Down here we have this conceit that the truly crazy stuff only happens in the US but this article comes from our very own New Zealand Herald (establishment read if ever there was one). Parents should sit licence test, say expertsThe choicest part (sorry to give it away but my mind is spinning right now) is the bit where an expert says that child abuse costs the country $1.25 billion a year and then goes on to say that we could build 3 sports stadiums with that money! Now the building of stadiums happens to be topical down here right now but what is wrong with people that that is the first thing to occur to them – what about the cost to the children themselves. You know – there childhood being a misery is, ahhh, who cares, it can’t be measured with money…

Considering that the standard civilised method of ‘rearing’ babies is abusive, that the entire childhood experience is abusive the actual measurement of abuse will doubtless be how well a child is raised to serve civilisation. I mean some of those poor lower class people produce young adults who just can’t do anything useful.

Sorry for the rant, this one has got me annoyed, disgusted and bamboozled all at once.

TItdefinitely fits in the Modern LIfe is Rubbish section of the blog.


One comment

  1. I share your frustration at this way of thinking. I don’t think most people would even notice. I have had a hard time trying to articulate this frustration. We humans have become primarily economic beings. Everything we do is couched in economic terms; each decision, even moral arguments. Money is always the final arbiter, the final appeal against which nothing can stand.

    “You’re taking away the man’s living!”
    “I (justify this action) because I need to put food on my family’s table.”
    “Put your money where your mouth is.”
    “We could build 3 stadiums with that money.”

    I have been cursed with the ability to see this everywhere: the appeal to economics as the final analysis. It makes me sick too.

    Posted by: casemeau | 09/20/2006

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