September 10, 2006

We’ve been in our new place for about a week now and it’ possible that the kids are starting to settle down. Our youngest, who was born in the house we moved out of keeps saying she’s scared a lot of the time which is kind of a surprise and both kids are prone to flying off the handle a lot at the moment. People kept telling us that shifting ranks up there with things like divorce on the stress-ometer so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.Possibly the worst aspect of it was that I was literally working full time for a week to complete the shift and tidy up the old place. That includes two days to clean out all the junk under the deck and the house but basically despite our best efforts and living in a comparitively small house, we own too much stuff – and it’s got a lot worse since we had children. Westerners show their love by spending money and plying you with gifts and all I can conclude is that our children are well loved by lots of people!

For comparison’s sake I asked Ran, who only ever stays at a house sit for a few months at most, how much ‘stuff’ he has. Here’s what he said:

You could fit everything I own in the back of a pickup truck, except maybe the new solar oven, and some food I keep on the land. Luckily my mom has given me a big closet at her house where I can store it, so I only have to bring a couple bags between house sits. It’s mostly books, clothes, and tools.

I am green with envy.


One comment

  1. h I sympathize with you! I don’t know what the child abuse prevention agency is called in New Zealand, but in the states if you don’t have the latest digital camcorder, and a jogging stroller, and a heated wipeys dispenser, they call Child Protective Services on you.

    Posted by: casemeau | 09/10/2006

    As you know I just completed a move myself, and this is EXACTLY what we realized too. Throughout the whole process my wife kept saying “I can’t believe how much stuff we have” in a kind of shocked way, and at least a couple times she said “this makes me sick”.

    And this was AFTER we had weeded out things to sell at a garage sale, give away, or just throw away.

    I think material possessions adhere to the same properties as gas: they will always expand until they completely fill the space they occupy….

    Posted by: Steven Lagavulin | 09/14/2006

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