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September 6, 2006

I’m starting to notice what may be the beginnings of trend amongst crashbloggers which is to finger New Zealand as the place to be survive the crash of civilisation. First Samadhisoft.com had this to say as he boarded a plane for a trip to the South Island of New Zealand: “I believe New Zealand is likely to be one of the best places in the world in which to get out of harm’s way”And then I discover that Kevin from Cryptogon has just moved here to start an organic farm. Naturally my first thought was concern that we were going to be over run with people escaping the United State’s coming meltdown but then I realised that a) not many people are smart enough to work all this out AND act on it and b) those who are that smart are precisely the sort of people you want around during the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it.

Then of course I thought of c) which is that our countries immigration laws naturally select for rich stupid people. From what I can tell Kevin is marrying a New Zealander which is how he can do it.

The only flaw in this theory might be that in order to survive climate change access to a continent (north America for instance?) that runs from the equator through to one of the poles might be the best bet for real long term survival.

So anyway – who else is thinking of coming down here? – we could do with a few more organic farmers around where I live
ADDITIONAL: I mentioned JHKs visit in the previous post, well, he also has a post about his visit on his blog in which he says he was NOT here to find a plce to hide in the coming storm. Otherwise his observations of NZ were pretty much on the mark


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  1. There are just so many different scenarios of “how the crash will play out.” Sometimes my head swims. I can sometimes feel bits of panic. For instance, when I read this post, I thought, “Oh no! I dropped out too early! I’ll never acquire the means to get to New Zealand!” But then all the competing (and credible) scenarios return to me, and I calm down.

    I just don’t know how it will all occur. For today I am concentrating on maximizing my adaptability. I do have some expectations. I think it will be a slow crash, with time to find out where “St. Rose” is and to try to get there.

    Posted by: casemeau | 09/07/2006

    I’m starting to think NZ would indeed be the best place, at least if you were able to avoid the depredations of the Wellington regime while it lasts. Certainly there are a lot of wilderness areas unsuitable for agriculture and plenty of food sources. If you were in the right place and had a simple pig trap, leghold traps for possums and hand lines for eels, you could live like a king with minimal effort, especially after all the sheeple have starved to death.

    Posted by: Cornfed | 09/07/2006


    The recent AskMe included lots of reasons why New Zealand may be a very BAD place to wind up. I’m also afraid of the Pacific Northwest, where all the “peak-aware” folks seem to be flocking. It may end up being the one place on earth with a post-collapse population problem because of that!

    Posted by: Jason Godesky | 09/07/2006

    The queston about peak-aware folks is are they predominantly the gun-toting bunker mentality types or have they cottoned onto the idea of community yet? Pesonally I think the gun-toting peak aware types are going to be more of a worry than joe average who will be totally caught by surprise by peka oil.

    I’m not sure I agree with the analyisis of NZ that you mentioned. The biggest (unique) problem we face will be clilmate change in that we can only go so far south. To say low-lying farmland is a problem is to assume a MASSIVE and rapid rise in sea level. I know we’re named after a part of the Netherlands but it wasn’t because half the country is below sea level – or anything like it.

    Posted by: Aaron | 09/07/2006

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