pick up your baby

July 15, 2006

I’ve just discovered a couple of excellent articles on the web.The first is about Stress in Infancy by Dr Linda Folden Palmer, which basically covers the scientific research proving that our culture’s treatment of infants is completely bonkers. It’s an excerpt from a book she has written; ‘Baby Matters – What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring For Your Baby’ which from the reviews sounds like an excellent book to give to those doubting relatives who are trying to undermine your belief in caring for your baby properly.

And one of the best articles I read on this subject, which I just discovered hidden in a Mother Anarchy post is ‘Why Men Leave – A Hidden Epidemic’ by John W Travis. He basically says everything I’ve been trying to say in his first few paragraphs and then goes on to cite his own life experience as evidence of what happens to emotionally malnourished baby’s when they become adults. What really blew me away is that the article is written by a member of my father’s generation. This is a generation for which genuine role models are incredibly thin on the ground. In fact I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of men in this generation (that I know of) who have what it takes to be a genuine elder. Now I can add one more to that list (although I’m still on the same hand). I can’t reccommend the article highly enough.



  1. Might want to Google the name Ashley Montagu and spend an evening reading up on his theories regarding neonatal development, pedomorphism and the connection between touching and violence. He wrote several books but even more so one could say that he actually “wrote the book” on these subjects.


    Posted by: Mark | 07/17/2006

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