Ran Prieur Interview

June 9, 2006

Despite various technical hassles yesterday I recorded an interview with Ran Prieur yesterday. It can be downloaded here.The community radio station that I’m involved with can’t afford an internet connection and has a toll bar on the phone so I had to rig up a complicated system at home involving my computer as a very expensive telephone and my mp3 player as the recording device. Despite, or probably because of, several practice runs the battery in my mp3 player ran dry 11 minutes into the interview. Ran waited patiently on one side of the world while I scrambled to find a new battery on this side.

Fortunately the interview was no worse off for the chaos – I managed to ask some sensible questions and Ran gave some typicaly insightful answers. I deliberately went for a civilisation-for-beginners approach in the interview because it’s mostly going to heard by people unfamiliar with the anti-civ analysis, regular readers of Ran’s writing may not learn anything new except perhaps what his voice sounds like.

I’ve uploaded an 18MB 64 kbps file. It has not been set up to stream but if there are any people on dial up out there who want me to set one up at about 24kpbs (low enough quality to fit down the pipe but not so bad that you can’t understand it) please let me know.

One last thing, because of various technical issues, especically the compression on the internet phone system there is a little bit of hiss in the bacground. People listening on cheap computer speakers won’t notice a thing but if you run it through your hifi system it will be apparent, although no where bad enough to make it unintelligible.


One comment

  1. Thx For taking the interview.
    I am hoping to hear some more of this …

    Posted by: Freeday | 06/10/2006

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