I am not deficient

May 29, 2006

I should mention that the results of a second blood test came back and I am not deficient.For the uninitiated, I previously thought, courtesy of the medical profession, that I might be deficient in Intrinsic Factor (stuff made by the stomach that helps up-take of Vitamin B12). Anyway it turns out I’m not which is good really, otherwise it means I would have a problem with my immune system, and a problem with doctors wanting to jab me with needles.

The reason I am short on Vitamin B12 must be to do with my diet. The doctor was convinced I was eating enough meat – roughly two times a week – to provide adequate B12, I pointed out that I was having virutually no dairy or eggs but he was still sure the problem was not my diet. All I can conclude is that meat from cows raised on conventional fertiliser-fed grass is even more nutritionally deficient than originally thought.

Anyways, in our house we are working on improving our diets (for this and other reasons). Karen is expermenting with sour dough and I have tracked down a farmer who is happy to sell us whole milk. We pay him less than half what we would pay for un-wholey milk in a shop and he gets, I dunno, lot’s more than the dairy company would pay him. Turns out in New Zealand that a farmer can sell 5 litres per person, per day, from the farm. We’re going to get our first delivery this afternoon.

Oh yes, and we’re working on finding recipes for making liver palatable so I can send those B12 levels through the roof.


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  1. hey aaron,

    glad to hear that you’re trying out sourdough. there’s actually a whole lot of fermented foods which are great for health, taste and storage. saurkraut and kimchi are easy to make and you actually get more nutrition from them than the raw ingredients because some of the less available nutrients are made more available by the lacto bacilii, and you also introduce a lot of these friendly bacteria into your system. kefir is an easy to maintain milk culture, easier than yogurt and probably better for you.

    check out sandor katz’s http://www.wildfermentation.com (i highly recommend his book) and dom anfiteatro’s wonderful guide to kefir http://www.chariot.net.au/~dna/kefirpage.html

    i’ve been reading a bit of ‘the chemistry of youth’ by E.B. Szekely which has lots of stuff about sprouts, and i’ve started sprouting a lot this week, and it’s great – tastes so right it can’t be wrong

    he’s also into a lot of fresh baby greens straight from garden

    all these things are about eating ‘live’ foods, which means they’re full of enzymes which are useful to us, and whatever vitamins are in a bioactive form making them easier to ingest.

    good luck with it!

    adam in melbourne

    Posted by: adam f | 05/29/2006

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