Good news for once

May 22, 2006

From The Times Online comes this article

Margot Sunderland, director of education at the Centre for Child Mental Health in London, says the practice, known as “co-sleeping”, makes children more likely to grow up as calm, healthy adults.

Isn’t that a nice surprise?


One comment

  1. awwww! that’s a nice article.

    most cultures in the past slept with their babies because that’s the way it was; I feel that is the best way to let a child sleep peacefully, knowing it’s protected by mommy and daddy. :)

    Posted by: lauren | 05/25/2006

    Lauren I agree. we decided that we would do this with our first baby before it was born and I found that having opened myself up to that idea it would have been impossible for me to put our precious (and helpless) little bundle anywhere else for the night.

    Posted by: Aaron | 05/25/2006

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