Synchronous Food 2

May 11, 2006

In a previous post I talked about how a recent posting on Heretic Fig seemed to have been purpose made for issues we’ve been discussing in this household but as it turns out it was only the beginning in a series of coincidences.

On Monday I was told by my doctor that I am deficient in Vitamin B12.  Naturally I took this as well as any relatively young and seemingly healthy person would. I was pissed off, I was upset, I was fractious. (Compare to the Steven’s reprinted comments in the Heretic Fig posting).

I tried denial but that didn’t work. Then I tried research and that made things worse. Then I went to the Weston Price website where things finally got a bit better.

Up until now health issues were always something that happened to other people. My role was to be the fit healthy one who helped everyone else out so it was a bit of a blow to discover there was something wrong with me – that I was deficient. At least that’s the way conventional medicine makes you feel with it’s lack of understanding about the causes of illness. I, the patient, was deficient and my doctor (who is a nice chap) will give me a little something that can fix me up – since clearly I’m incapable of doing so myself.

I had had a blood test a week earlier at the suggestion of my doctor for no other reason than it had been 5 years since the previous one. Then he called me in for another appointment to break the news. I was deficient and would need Vitamin B12 injections – possibly for ever. Certainly some of the symptoms seemed to fit, such as tired and grumpy, something I’m sure my family would happily confirm.

My research turned up even more disturbing information. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to nerve and neurological disorders. Clearly a bit of grumpiness was only the beginning.

I was surprised to discover that a vegan diet could lead to Vitamin B12 deficiency but not the that the modern diet can also do the same. I learned that Vitamin B12 shots could improve the mental functioning of the elderly and also that an un checked deficiency can lead to “mood disorders; dementia; paranoid psychosis; and violent behavior”.

Then came the next coincidence. Ran posted a link to this article by George Monbiot about the link between diet and criminal behaviour. I had a look and there it was; Vitamin B12 listed as one of the common deficient nutrients in chronic offenders.

Where George Monbiot leaves this story and where it really needs to go is that simply having shots or increasing the amount of B12 in your diet may not be enough of a solution for those of us with chronic offender status.

I have had another blood test, this time to see if my stomach is able to produce a protein called ‘Intrinsic Factor’ which is required for the ‘normal intestinal absorption’ of Vitamin A. If there is no intrinsic factor present it will mean that I have an autoimmune problem which is causing my immune system to attack the cells in my stomach that produce intrinsic factor and that I am an even bigger failure as a human being. Conventional medicine does not know what causes the immune system to attack these particular cells and probably doesn’t care because having me on shots for the rest of my life makes good business sense.

If they did care they would want to know the iddy-biddy details of why the system attacks those particular cells so they could make a drug to stop that specific event from happening. On the other hand, from the good folk at the Weston Price site I have learned that Vitamin A will generally improve the functioning of the immune system and in theory this should stop the cell-attack, prevent other auto-immune dysfunction and generally save me from ever having to go back to my doctor again. Clearly the people at the Weston Price aren’t very business minded and don’t understand the importance of repeat business. They’ll never get rich this way.

I’ve just has an email from Debbie who runs Diet-net in New Zealand which is an information site working in the same area as the Weston Price site. She has suggested I should check out gluten intolerance as a possible problem  as well.

The upshot is that although a junk food diet is bad, dropping the junk food won’t be enough because the real problem is our grain based diet. I probably need to start eating like my ancestors did and to learn to love liver which is chock full of Vitamin B12, vitamin A and an unidentified anti-fatigue factor. Apparently some cultures so prized the liver for it’s great qualities that it wasn’t allowed to be touched by human hand before consumption. It was eaten raw straight off the spear. All I need now is a spear salesman and I’ll be on my way.



  1. i’m physician-deficient, and i feel pretty good.

    learn to love the liver. :) if you can’t take it straight, mince it and some heart meat and put it in meatloaf. b12 supernova.

    Posted by: joy | 05/13/2006

    Check this ebook out too, it just might change the way you approach personal health.


    At first it seems a little simplistic, but it starts to make sense after a bit, and there should be plenty of little lightbulbs popping on in your head (at least that is how it was for me)

    Posted by: limukala | 05/15/2006

  2. […] the uninitiated, I previously thought, courtesy of the medical profession, that I might be deficient in Intrinsic Factor (stuff made by […]

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