Grip Loosening

April 5, 2006

People keep saying that you know it’s all over when mainstream media finally get round to reporting on the issues and I’d have to say that there is increasing evidence of that. Here’s a blurb for a TV documentary just shown here:

Thursday 30 March 8:30pm
We cling to the notion that we live in a pristine country – New Zealand is clean and green, but research shows this may not be the case, find out on Inside New Zealand: Our Dirty Little Secret, screening Thursday, March 30 at 8:30pm.

Conducting our own scientific tests and drawing heavily on the most up-to-date research, we discover that New Zealanders are actually exposed to a myriad of harmful pollutants – chemicals now dominate all areas of our life, the air we breathe is killing us, toxins now rule the beach and waterway ecosystems, bacteria and viruses lurk submerged and as a people we are now amongst the worst polluters on the planet.

25 million cigarette butts wash into our foreshores each year… 80 tonnes of pollutants enter Auckland’s harbours over the same period… and we hide our dirty little secret by telling the world we’re 100% Pure.

And yesterday morning the front page of the ludicrously conservative New Zealand Herald had this article* about how it’s almost over for our central North Island lakes – they’re suffering from toxic overload.

Add to this is the fact that our leading current affairs TV host at the moment is a guy (John Campbell) who is so left wing that his employers have asked him not to state publicly who he votes for (we have proportional representation here so there are what you’d call genuine left wing options available). He also reads Chomsky and about 10 years ago, along with Nicky Hagar climbed security fences at the NSA controlled Waihopai spy base in order to film through the windows to see what was going on.

How he got to such a powerful position in our media is anyone’s guess. It’s great he’s there but it can’t be a good sign that they haven’t tried to shoot him down. Lately he’s been doing a few shows on peak oil and most recently one on the genetically engineered terminator genes which made a big splash with the ‘man on the street’.

Maybe I should interview him.* If the link doesn’t work go to www.nzherald.co.nz and  type ‘toxic heritage’ into the search option. The photo you see took up most of the top half of the front page.


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