Miracle of Modern Medicince

March 18, 2006

It is a characteristic of our abusive culture to blame the victim and so it should be no surprise that the medical establishment which must, by definition, be inherently abusive ends up giving it’s patients the message that they are to blame for their predicament. 

The fact that the system of conventional medicine only wants a solution that involves a saleable drug and therefore is not interested in finding the root cause of the problem is never mentioned. Neither is the fact that they need to blame you for your poor health because the truth is too challenging for the rest of the establishment. 

Combine this with the current ‘fad’ of genetic medicine where scientists think they will help make people better by fixing their faulty genes (although so far they have only killed people) and everyone I talk to lately is left with the impression that their chronic health problem is their own stoopid fault. 

I have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. What causes it? “Well it might be that the cells in the stomach that should produce a substance that aids the uptake of vitamin B12 aren’t doing their job”. Why aren’t they? “Well, the immune system is attacking these cells”. Why is the immune system doing that? “It’s an automimmune problem.” Yes but why do I have that problem. “We don’t know”. 

I have cancer (figuratively speaking). What causes it? “Don’t know – but here’s some mustard gas to destroy the cancer.” 

I have a heart problem (figuratively speaking). “Oh yes, we know about that, it’s caused by a little muscle at the back of the heart malfunctioning.” Why does it malfunction?. Oh, well we don’t know why that happens but here’s a very expensive drug that will suppress the muscle. Only thing is it has a side effect of giving thyroid problems, but don’t worry we have a drug that will suppress the thyroid problem.” Any side effects with that? “Um yes, it causes your heart to malfunction” 

Fabulous. These are real examples that have been happening around me lately. Having written it out like that I now understand why there is the current obsession with genetics. A health system that can’t see the patient as a whole and always needs to find a patentable solution to health problems can’t ever get to the bottom of chronic illness so it needs to be able to blame genetics for our ill health otherwise it would have to own up to it’s own ignorance. What they will turn to when gene therapy fails I can only guess – maybe nano-medicine? 

Now it is true that people are genetically predisposed to certain types of chronic health complaints but this predisposition is merely the indication of their body’s weakest link. Their/Your/My problem is that the body and it’s systems are generally run down and/or overloaded with toxins and like a chain the weakest link shows signs of stress first. 

If a conventional doctor were to examine a broken chain they would zero in on the broken link, examine and test it, determine that the link was deficient in some way and decide that it should be remade with greater tensile strength or some such so it could be put back out to work. Because the load on the chain was too great for it’s abilities in the first place all that will happen is that he chain will just break somewhere lese. And the doctor who thinks he ‘fixed’ the first problem will come in to fix the next one, never stopping to assess the overall situation where he might see that there is just too much stress on the patient and that they need to take the load off their bodies. 

After the discovery of my own deficient state last week I was talking to a friend and she has been told that she has a chronic health problem, the doctors don’t know specifically what causes but say that ‘it is a genetic problem’. She’s been made to feel like she is the problem, not her environment, even though environmental causes are positively screaming at us for attention at the moment. 

Is it pure coincidence that allopathic medicine which rose to the top of the pile because of it’s ability to serve our abusive empire culture ends blaming the patient for their state of health?  Occasionally you do get an explanation such as ‘you don’t eat enough fruit and veges’ and while it’s true that we choose what we put in our mouths what is never mentioned is the huge efforts made by advertising and our highly pressured culture to affect the choices we make.  In short the explanation serves to increase the blame. 

If the medical establishment was honest they would say “We don’t really know what causes chronic health problems so we’ll just make the symptoms go away with these expensive drugs. Other symptoms will eventually return along with symptoms caused by the drug itself but really we don’t know why the body gets sick and to be honest we don’t want to know because the current system is doing the job it’s supposed to. That’s the job whereby we increase our status and wealth whilst keeping you (and ourselves) ignorant of information that would empower you to improve your health for free.

Needless to say the media aids and abets this process in it’s demonising of alternative medicine and the promotion of the mainstream form. Is it a conspiracy?  No.  Just business as usual in a well functioning system of empire.


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