Better Late Than Never

February 18, 2006

I’ve only just read Ran’s latest essay – Dont Fear the Singularity, written last year – and I love it. Because it was a rewite of a previous essay I hadn’t bothered to even glance at it. What a mistake. It reminded me of why I got so hooked on his site in the first place. If you haven’t read it you can probably guess what I think you should do next.Here’s my favourite bit:

What if they build a world-simulation program to tell them how best to administer progress, and it tells them the optimal global society is tribes of forager-hunters? Now that would be a new evolutionary level — in irony

This next bit is out of context but it sums up how I feel about civilisation:

we’re in a game that’s crappy but so addictive we can’t quit

Readers familiar with this site are probably already aware that I think how we raise our children is as important or more important than our politics or faith in things like technolopgy. I also think it’s a key component in our escape from civilsation:

If a computer were 100 times more complex than us, by what factor would it be more emotionally sensitive? More depressed? More confused? More cruel? A brain even half as complex as ours can’t simply be programmed — it has to be raised, and raised well. How many computer scientists have raised their own kids to be both emotionally healthy, and to carry on the work of their parents?


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