modern tribe

February 17, 2006

One of the things I’m interested in discussing on this blog is how to go about setting up tribes in our modern environment – as usual though, while the men talk the women just get on with it so here’s a posting made by Kerryn to the Continuum Concept email list which describes her tribe:

Four families got together at a home, only the mums (except for the work from home dad), combined there was 26 children aged from 4 mo twins to a 14 yo daughter.  The mums cooked, did some jobs to help the mum of the house, picked up others’ babies, directed children in their efforts to help, and talked a lot.  The children came and went from the house into the yard.  The bigger ones often had the babies in their arms, comforting and encouraging, helping to feed, and bringing them back to their mum for feeding.  There was not one fight or even minor altercation the whole 8 hours we were together.  The older two women encouraged the younger women, and I remember writing in my journal that night how satisfying the day was.

We get to do this very often, in homes or local parks, at the beach or even going shopping.  It is possible to form these kinds of groups/tribes in our mainstream environment.

Also see this previous posting about another mother’s experiences with grouping families together.  Not entirely coincidentally my wife is also in the process of setting up similar supportive arrangments with her friends. . The nuclear family approach must have such a stranglehold on our society because most parents have experienced how parenting is much easier even itheir child just has a single friend over to play, yet we almost never move to change how we live.


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