February 16, 2006

I’ve been reading about this whole Dick Cheney hunting accident thing and it got me to wondering about just how corrupt he is.  It’s pretty impossible to conceive of but here’s how I can at least put it in proportion:
I’ve mentioned before my inability to handle the power I have over my children. I don’t want you to think I am abusive in anyway. Merely ‘mis-usive’ – which is to say that by comparison to other father’s I am generally kinder and gentler. This comparison to other civilised people is what makes it possible for me to admit out loud that I have an issue here but it doesn’t change the reality that I still mis-use my power from time to time and that it’s not good for my kids. Total power appears to be something that I can’t handle and by the way, it’s something that no parent can handle irrespective of what they might tell you.

What makes my hypocrisy obvious is that I treat adults differently to how I treat my kids. The reason for this is simple, an adult will fight back if I don’t achieve a certain standard of behaviour, a child will not. I’ve experienced the role reversal too. In my last proper job I turned up lacking confidence in my abilities, I presume my body language portrayed this and my boss just walked all over me, again noticeably different to the way he treated other workmates. Like my boss (but much more so) the people around Cheney are doubtless very wary of upsetting him (invitations to go hunting with the VP will now be a sign that you’ve messed up in a big way!). It’s probably been like this for years and his perspective on his own behaviour must be highly distorted. How could it be otherwise when those around him don’t or won’t hold him to account like the adults around you and I do.
Dick Cheney has had enormous and absolute power for so long that even though I think I understand the psychological mechanism my mind boggles at just how far beyond us normal people he must have gone.

The real problem though is we all use the behaviour of very corrupt people to distract ourselves from our own less corrupt behaviour. It’s denial but I still think we’ve got a cheek to try to fix up the mess we see ‘out there’ when we can’t even face the mess we see ‘in here’


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