February 5, 2006



I’ve been reading a book about cancer in preparation for an interview and although I knew the cancer establishment was cause for concern here’s some jaw dropping bits of information that have left me just a little bit stunned.

+Cancer is caused by toxins in our environment that our body is unable to expel. These come in the form of pollution, chemical sprays on our food and out-gassing of materials in our built environment. I know, I know, that doesn’t sound very surprising. What is though is that the medical profession is mostly in denial about this and if they do know about it they certainly don’t act on it.

+Autopsies of European men 50 years ago showed that a third of them had died with prostate cancer but only 1% had died OF prostate cancer. Of course now we have very sophisticated detection techniques so are able to treat people who don’t need it with the following;

+Surgical removal of cancer which has been shown to spread cancer cells round the body no matter how side they make the cut. Then people are put back into the same environment that caused the cancer.

+Radiotherapy. Experts say that there is NO safe level of radiation for the human body. Guys keep those cell phones out of your trouser pockets!. Radiation causes cancer too – obviously. If you live through the treatment they then put you back into the same environment that caused the cancer.

+Chemotherapy. Or Mustard Gas Therapy as it should really be called. To be fair they only used actual mustard gas to begin with. Nowadays they use variations on mustard gas but they have pretty much the same effect on the human body –ie slow painful death. If you’re not familiar with mustard gas it was developed in WWI to kill the enemy troops – it was very good at it’s job.  If you live through the treatment they then put you back into the same environment that caused the cancer.

+No surprise after reading the last 3 points; Research has shown that if you do nothing about your cancer you will live 4 times as long as people who seek conventional treatment. Your quality of life will also be better.

+Radio and Chemotherpay work on the basis that the therapy will break up the tumour which it does do, it often kills the patient first but unfortunately in 2% of cases (with ‘soft’ cancers like Hodgkin’s disease) it is successful in breaking up the cancer before it kills the patient. I say unfortunate, because this minor success is the probably the main reason that they have persisted in continuing with trialling chemotherapy.

+When you visit a cancer specialist they will tell you – ‘take this drug, it has a 50% response rate’. You might think this means a 50% cure rate but all it means is 50% of the time the tumour responds to the poison by breaking up – only to spread all round the body and causing a relapse a little way down the track.

+Some of the drugs even have names that end in the –cide suffix. As in herbicide, suicide and genocide.

+Alternative therapies do work but doctors who ‘convert’ are usually hounded out of practice by the establishment. One such doctor in the US was repeatedly sued over his alternative therapies. He won each court case but had to give up fighting because he ran out of money for lawyers.

+Drug treatment will never work because the best cure for cancer is prevention. You can’t make the toxins leave the body by putting more toxins in. Unfortunately nearly all research is funded by the pharmaceuticals companies – or they have influence over the research so that prevention is never looked into – which means they can trot out that well known phrase; ‘there is no evidence that alternative cures work’.

What they are currently doing is really no different from the leaches and bloodletting that doctors used to indulge in over a 100 years ago. Why does it go on? Well the pharmaceutical companies are very bit as powerful and corrupt as the oil industry and they totally and utterly dominate medical research. These days most universities have to partner with a corporation to be able to afford to do decent research and naturally they won’t fund anything that they can’t make money out of.

Also there is tremendous opportunity for status and wealth in the cancer industry, especially since the War on Cancer was declared by President Nixon in the early seventies. This bit is purely anecdotal but it was very apparent when I was at university that most of the med students were there for the perceived status gains of becoming a doctor. Of course not everyone is easily corruptible so I turn once again to the book ‘Disciplined Minds’ (which I reviewed here) to explain how all professionals are turned into neutered poodles that are very careful to not upset the establishment.
Please excuse the caustic tone that has crept into my commentary, I’m sure it will disappear once I adjust to the fact that the medical establishment does more harm than good – should that ever happen.

By the way the book is ‘Cancer Conspiracy’ by Toni Jeffreys which might be hard to find outside of New Zealand libraries but from it I will soon be reading The Politics of Cancer by Samuel Epstein.


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