February 1, 2006

For those who are interested I’ve just noticed that the foraging-permaculture debate has continued over at the Anthropik Network where Toby Hemenway has joined the fray and has been debating (mostly) with Jason Godesky. Both of these guys are much more informed in their respective fields than I am so I’m very interested in the marriage of ideas that will come out of it. Toby Hemenway seems quite interested in building Jason’s long term view into permaculture so I’m particularly interested to see what he does with that.One thing I’ve noticed though is that people usually come into this debate with different priorities, some take the long view and are looking to figure out what sustainable societies will eventually need to be like and other’s want to know what we can do to ensure survival for the first of the descent generations. I think the most urgent need is to find solutions for the next 30 years because we are very ill-prepared for that but at the same time we need to be very aware that we are preparing for decent and not trying to just prop up civilisation. More than that though, we need to know that we are aiming for a stone age civilisation that is gentle on the planet and doesn’t have tendencies toward empire building.

Another thing that I can’t explain yet is that, almost exclusively, all the criticism of permaculture (at whatever level) is coming out of the US. Why this would be is a matter of conjecture…

Anyway, Jason has been arguing very strongly for the long view so I was very pleased to see this excellent summation from him:

“Horticulture without foraging is unsustainable; foraging without horticulture is naive. It’s a spectrum. The question is not which one, but where on that spectrum you feel most comfortable.”

Interestingly Jason referred to this site as ‘Gumph’ and not Village Blog – probably because of the Gumph section I’ve put over to the left under my picture – makes up for me mis-spelling Anthropik in a previous posting.


One comment

  1. I thought your name was “Gumph.” It looks like an author profile up there, in a different color, with the picture. Sorry about that. Blogs and their authors are not always necessarily 1-to-1 … as any of the other members of the Tribe of Anthropik can attest to a bit of discontent when it’s referred to as, “Jason Godesky’s blog.”

    Posted by: Jason Godesky | 02/04/2006

    ah yes, that’s a good point, I might change it

    Posted by: Aaron | 02/04/2006

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