Abandoned Mothers

February 1, 2006

Under the general heading of ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and from the ever-sane (populated mostly by women) continuum concept list comes the term ‘abandoned mothers’ to describe what I used to call a solo-mother.A child should be raised by their entire tribe. A mother without a tribe must therefore be an abandoned mother.

Today I feel like an abandoned father as Karen is sick and I’ve been on-deck all day – proving once again that the nuclear family is only sometimes marginally better than solo-parenting. Clearly one difficult day doesn’t mean I really know what it is like to solo-parent but it does mean that I’m no longer judgemental when I see parent’s losing their rag with their kids. That would be hypocritical. How people do this all day, every day is beyond me. By rights our society should have completely imploded by now.


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