Militaristic societies

January 6, 2006

A while back Ran Prieur had a link to a great article about child abuse and our society. In my slow and disorganised way I have finally managed to post a link to it here. It was written by one of the many readers of his site and it is really good. Try this:

“In militaristic societies, abuse of children is institutionalized. Child abuse, in its various guises, is the means for “breaking” members of society to the rule of authority. Basically, it turns out to be hard to get happy people, the result of happy childhoods, to gratuitously kill on command. In fact, it is the express purpose of military training to so abuse new young recruits (children actually) that any results of kind childhoods are muted or destroyed (see Full Metal Jacket). Virtually all of us in the militarized societies, particularly in the West, are perseverating about our personal abuse histories. A whole industry has grown up around the need to “heal” adults who were abused as children.

But there is a missing piece that makes a true understanding of our experience impossible to achieve. Our abuse was not an “accident” of nature, the result of having a “bad” parent or even an essentially private and shameful thing. It was preordained, a part of the cultural script.”

This ties into everything else – my treatment by employers, my professional training, my schooling, my parent’s child rearing methods, God even my style of birth was abusive. Man, I really need some help.


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