Future Thoughts

December 12, 2005

I’ve been trying to tell people for a while that the elites who run our society are well aware of peak oil and have been planning for it for some time. It’s important because this knowledge determines how we approach the situation. People who want to cling to the old ways are petitioning government to prepare for peak oil so that we can maintain as much of our way of life as possible. I think this is a waste of time. Certainly the elites who have the most control over society will maintain THEIR way of life but if they have to do it at our expense (which they will) then they won’t lose any sleep over doing so. I mean we already maintain OUR way of life at the expense of pretty much the entire 3rd world as well as parts of our own society so I don’t see any reason why the middle classes won’t wake up one day to find themselves on the wrong side of the haves/have nots line.

Actually it’s already started. Increased privitisation of public services is a good sign and the seemingly deliberate undermining and destruction of social servcies in the US may not merely be the result of political stupidity. Perhaps the most alarming sign is the great raft of ‘anti-terror’ legislation that has been passed by many governments around the world. It’s alarming because the legislation appears to be more effective at containing the general population than it does at containing foreign terrorists

That said, the future is going to become very unpredictable and opportunities to change our society for the better will also present themselves. I could go on but Stephen at Deconsumption has just written a piece that explains all this far better than I have ever been able to so I’ll stop now and leave the rest to him.


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